SavvyBaby Pacifier Clips for baby Boys Blue, Green & Teal

Savvy Baby Pacifier Clips for Boys the colors are Blue, Green & Teal they will go with the entire little boy outfits out there. My sister is the person that everything as to match or she will not put it on her kids even if they are just going to bed. She loves the clips because they clip on to everything that her newborn son is in. The bouncy seat, car seat and even the stroller as well clip to baby. They are cloth so they are easy to wash in the sink if anything happens to get on them when you are feeding them or a bigger brother or sister takes them from babies.

The pacifier clips also fit all pacifiers that can put a string on. I know when my children were babies, I could not find a clip that would fit on the pacifiers that my children took. I breastfeed them so they didn't take one very often, but when they did it was the one that was closer to a woman s nipple that I could find at the time.

They also a set of girls as well and they also have a unisex set as well if you wanted to buy these for a friend or family member and don't know the sex of the baby. There is a pattern on both sides of the clip as well.

Product Details

• Nickel free
• High quality cotton
• Multi-functional holds toys, stuff animals

Come check out SavvyBaby they have amazing products for your baby.

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