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Please email me at If you would like to work with Sara's Blog we are a PR/Media friendly blog. We do Product reviews, Sponsor posts, Giveaways.

Looking to review

Baby boy Items Like cloths and other things a 10 month old can use

Items for older children 10-5 boys and girls

Household items

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If you want me to do a giveaway I will need you to send me the product so I can also use it that will be payment and the company will ship out ALL prices to the winner. All giveaways will be one month long if you need it to be shorter than that will be a $50 Fee.

Sponsor post

If you want a sponsored post you have to make it up and there is a $20 fee for me to post it on my blog.

All payments will be accept through PayPal here is the link Payment we also accept donations