Baby Planning!!!

When you plan on having a baby what do you think of first? When to get pregnant? how much money this baby is going to cost you?

I have thought about all of those questions now that we are trying to plan on our 5 baby. When is the best time in our lives to start this journey because right now we have a 8,7,6,3 year olds. They all will be in school this year. Our youngest will be going for the first time and she is excited and I am really sad that my baby is not a baby anymore but also excited from her to go to the next step in her life. We live in a townhouse that has only 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths so this is not the places we want to bring baby number 5 to, so now we have to get a bigger places to live with or without having a baby on the way.

Do you start buying thing for baby or for mom even though there is not a baby in your belly yet? You will need everything for a baby from crib to car seat. All of them items cost a lot of money and you find them on sale what do you do?

I think I have a lot of questions because I have never planned a baby before it just happened.

Here are my four kids they grow up so fast


  1. I have a almost 3 yr old and a 1 year old. I know we want at least 1 more so I am already stocking up on some baby items.

    1. I have some baby stuff so far but not a whole lot.


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