ABIGAIL And The North Pole Adventure Review

We love this book we learn new things about the north pole like everyone there makes igloo and that it is so much warmer in one of them than it is outside of it. We also learn that it is REALLY cold in the north pole. We can wait to read the next book to see where Abigail will end up next on her magic bike ride. My children did not like to read on till we found books like these that keep the story going with the same charter but they are doing different things. I will continue to keep and eye out for all of Tali Carmi Childrens books.

You can also get this book at amazon you can get the ebook or a paper back book http://www.amazon.com/children-books-adventure-collection-preschool-ebook/dp/b00s2v6tx6/?tag=ebookpro0e-20

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