Le-Vel Company

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Thrive is amazing product and it is only 3 simple steps each day 1 you take your capsules before your feet hit the ground with a glass of water and on a empty stomach Step 2 Make your shake 20-40 mins after taking your capsules Step 3 Put on your DFT Patch and you are ready to have all day natural energy and complete your nutritional gaps that are in your body.

Everyone is different and everyone has there own expreance with this product.

My expreance with this product is that i was the tried mom at the bus stop and the one that was always in PJ's unless I had to go to the doctor or something right after the kids got on the school bus, I was asked on Facebook from my now sponsor hey I have a product that will help you not be so tired and give you the energy that you are wanting to get back and its all natural!! I thought she was out of here mind Like there is noting out there that is all natural and will give me energy all day long!!! I tried it for 3 days and very felt better in my life besides when i was younger and I took better care of my self before I had children to care for.

Here is my 3 day expreance photos

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