How To Straighten Your Hair Like A Pro

How To Straighten Your Hair Like A Pro

If you’re sick and tired of staring at your unruly mop of hair, wondering how you’re going to style it into something suitable for the day ahead then let my styling tips help. I’ve spent years wondering what to do with my hair, which is neither curly nor straight – somewhere in between but coated in frizz which gets so much worse when the damp weather hits! Rather than spending my cash at the hairdresser every week I like to do it myself. I think I’ve tried everything I can and now I can safely say I’m able to straighten out my hair with ease and using the right products, strategy and hair tools – I can finally get it straight and sleek! You need plenty of patience and a good sense of humor because sometimes hair just refuses to bend into place – so coax it nicely and be good to it and it will treat you nicely!

Prepare Your Tresses

Firstly, what you use to start the process will help with the end result. Wash your hair carefully, I prefer to use a sulfate free shampoo simply because a too much sulfate build-up on your scalp can irritate and even stunt hair growth. Use the right shampoo for your hair type, if you have colored hair use something suitable for it because sometimes other shampoos can strip color out. Always condition hair thoroughly from root to tip and if your hair is prone to damage or chemically treated, use a good quality treatment so you start with soft, cared for hair. Towel dry hair and then use a wide tooth comb to comb through hair and be careful not to snag it and then apply a heat protecting spray.

Dry Hair

For straight hair, it’s best to rough dry it using a hair dryer or if you have particularly damaged hair, let it dry naturally. Never use straighteners on wet hair you will fry your tresses and break hair off. Don’t use a very high setting on your hair dryer unless you are sure your hair can cope with it. One of the biggest mistakes people make is using a very hot temperature which burns hair. Thick, course and unruly hair can cope with a higher temperature, but try a cooler setting first.

Separate Hair

Once your hair is dry, separate it into small sections. It’s better to straighten small sections out than large sections because with bigger sections you risk leaving kinks underneath. Use clips or hair grips to do this.

Get Your Appliance Ready!

For straight hair you should use a professional hair straightener but if you want a little bounce and curl you could also use a 2 in 1 straightener and curler . If you want to pin straight hair with a little volume,brush straightener a gets the job done in half the time. Heat up your appliance to the right temperature – don’t be tempted to put it on the highest setting, there is a reason there are different settings to choose from! Use a low heat first to see if it is suitable, if not go a little higher. Too high could damage your hair. Definitely do choose a good quality straightener. It’s best to find one with multiple heat settings. Look for tourmaline or titanium coating as these distribute heat well and also use ionic technology, which smooths out frizzy cuticles – this is great for frizz-prone or static hair. Ceramic is good, but sometimes ceramic coated straighteners chip, leaving hot spots which are hazardous to hair. It’s worth spending more on quality straighteners especially if you use them regularly.


Always start at the lower back of your head and work your way round each side. This is so you don’t miss the underneath of your hair – which is when you get those kinky areas that you haven’t reached! Unwind the first section and using your straighteners clamp shut at the root and gently pull through to the end. If you want to curl your hair under or outwards just flip the straighteners in that direction at the bottom, then release. Never hold your straighteners on your hair for longer than necessary – a few seconds should be all you need. Repeat all over your head.


Once you’ve completed your hair, finish off with a spritz of serum or Moroccan oil, which smooths down hair and gives it even more shine!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. I have naturally curly hair, and have been straightening it the last few months. These tips will come in handy! Thanks!

    1. Your Welcome I am glad it was useful to you.

  2. I need to buy one of these products to straighten I only have a hair dryer and it sucks

    1. If you click on the link It will take you to the site where you can buy one

  3. Growing up I had super straight hair that wouldn't hold any curl, even a perm! After having a few children, it became a mix of wavy and super curly, so it's insanely frizzy. I live in TN, so the humidity plays havoc on my hair. I have a straightener that only does on and off. I definitely need one with adjustable heat because mine doesn't get hot enough to straighten properly without a few runs over it. I've always heard ceramic was the best, but I've been afraid to get one because of it possibly chipping or breaking. I will be on the lookout for a tourmaline or titanium coated one. Thanks for the tips!


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