Ceiling Fan Duster

Estilo ceiling fan duster with extension pole is amazing, I love this thing. Now I don't have to stand on chairs to get my fan blades clean. I also used this to dust my walls up high where I can not reach them. I did not know how dusty my house really was in till I got it out and use it. It is also really easy to clean, you just hand wash it in the sink with mild soap and let air dry.

The extension pole lets you get up to places that are higher up. It is so easy to put together, I didn't even need to look at the institution. Fits ceiling fan blades up to 6" wide handle easily adjusts to 27, 37, or 47 inches. Make sure not to turn it while its on the fan blade because it might break your blade.

Estilo ceiling fan duster with extension pole are affordable and you can get them on amazon.

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