Aqua Dance 3 Way Combo Shower head

Aqua Dance 3 Way Combo Shower head is amazing you can turn one or the other on or you can even turn BOTH shower heads on at the same time. I had my husband put this up in our shower and it was pretty easy for him did not take too much time to take the old one down and put this one up. All my children now want to take showers with the new shower head. This also has three settings for you to choose from on each shower head. There is also a water saving option on there if you want to use that I have found out that when you use the water saving option on there the water pressure is not the best when you are using that option.

All of the materials used to make the shower head are chrome and metal. The Metal has a chrome finish on it. You get everything that you need to use these shower heads. The flow rate is 2.5 gal per min. There is also a lifetime limited warranty and lifetime limited manufacturer warranty as well.

You can get your here

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