Laundry Bag With 2 Inch Shoulder Strap Red Review

Laundry Bag With 2 Inch Shoulder Strap Red I love this bag it holds a lot of clothes which is a big plus for me because I have a family of 6. The only thing that I don't like about it that the strap is not adjustable, I am a short person so I need to the strap to carry the bag from my house to my laundromat. It holds about 2 loads in the regular size load washer. You can also use this bag if your in collage and you need a bag that you can carry home to your mom to wash.

This bag is guaranteed to last and if it doesn't then they will refund your money to you. This bag was also designed in the USA. They also have so many other colors to chose from so you can put each persons cloths in different bags do they know that is there bag to take to there room and unload.

You can get your bag at Amazon

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