i3D Design

The e book that I have recived takes you step by step on how to make things in the program with a 3D printer I do not have one so I am really just reading and watching the videos that are in the book. There are some pretty cool thin you can make with the e book one is t the minecraft sword with your name on it my children would love that because they are really in to that game and use other toys to act out their own little scenes that they have made up.

The 3D program would be a great investment for school public and private ones because when children can create at something on the computer and then be able to hold that in there hand after they created is amazing feeling to show someone that you made this design. This would also help with school project so the have there idea right there instead of just on a piece of paper you can feel and touch it and understand what they are trying to do for their project.

I know that I am a hands on person when it comes to learning and if we had this when I was in school I would of gotten better grades being able to show my teachers what i was trying to tell them in the words that I would never really get out.

i3D Design Can be used Without 3D Printer your children can still do the program.

Here is the link on Youtube to show you how you can do the program without the printer.

Options for the 3D printer program are 3DHubs and i3D Creatives the link for this one is above

This is a really easy program to go through with your children.

Get started video