Vitamin B-12 Super Energy Patch Review

You have to be careful not to cut the patches when getting them out of the foil pack they come in. You just take one off and put it behind your ear to get the B-12 going into your bloodstream it is a all natural way to get energy instead of drink the energy drink that our out on the market today!

Important Information

Vitamin B12 deficiency, daily fatigue, memory problems, dizziness, poor equilibrium, painful muscles and joints, and for patients of gastric bypass or other GI surgery, diabetics using Metformin.

Methylcobalamin 1200mcg, Folic Acid 400mcg, Other Ingredients: Medical Grade Latex Free Hypoallergenic Adhesive

Apply the Vitamin B12 Patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of the skin, preferably behind the ear. Remove after 24 hrs. For easy removal, wet patch and peel off. Depending on your needs, use 1 patch every 3 to 7 days.

Legal Disclaimer
The Vitamin B12 Patch is not intended to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease. The Vitamin B12 Patch should not be used if pregnant or nursing without a doctor's consent.

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