Just Bamboo 3 Piece Cutting Board Set Review

I love the bamboo cutting boards they are amazing to use. They are way better than the plastic ones that I have at my house now. When I put the oil on the cutting boards they color got darker and just looked amazing. You can't put them in the dishwasher because if you do they will break and you will no longer be able to use them. When putting your oil on there make sure to let it soak into the boards. They are easy to maintain just use a mild soapy rag and wipe off the board and let completely dry before storing them.

Start out with a clean and dry Bamboo Cutting Board. Lay it on a clean surface. I suggest placing a clean towel between it and the surface you are working on.
Next, pour a generous amount of mineral oil on the Board. The amount needed will depend of course on the size of the board. Use as much or as little as it takes.
Then proceed to wipe the oil onto the surface of the cutting board. Making certain to cover both sides and all edges.
Once you have treated all the surfaces, set the board aside to dry, well really it soaks in the oil more than drying. If treating multiple boards at the same time you could place them on a dish rack during this process.
Wipe off any excess oil left on the boards with a dry, clean cloth. Do this once every two weeks.

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