#1 Premium Pet Odor & Stain Removal Spray Review

I have two cats and 4 children so this product comes in handy at my house there is always some kind of mess to clean up at some point and time. We also have light brown carpet so when there is a spill you can see it right away or if you are not wearing any shoes then your feet with find it first.
I used this on the carpet to get rid of a pet stain from one of my cats having the runs. There is no spot there any more so glad I got this stain remover for when these things happen. My children have also spilled red juice on the carpet it did not come all the way out but it did make it less red and more of a pink color!

This product is 100% Natural & Non-Toxic Formula and is Easy, Hassle Free Clean Up.When I am using a stain remover is has to be Children, Pet, and Earth Friendly. This product has a odder that comes from it when you spray it on the carpet I have not figured out what the smell is.

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