Ramini Brands Silicone Glasses Review

When you but these glasses you also get Wine and Spirits Recipes and that is a big plus if you are like me and are always looking for a different drink to try and to have your friends try as well. These are great glass to let the little one use so you do not have to worry if they brake it. This is also amazing glass to have when you are outside and you decide that you want to start drinking wine or something else and you drop it on accident it wont brake. Over all this is a amazing cup that I have ever seen and I will continue to use this glass often. Wash glass before using it to get the smell out from being packaged.

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You can get these glasses at amazon here is the link http://www.amazon.com/silicone-glasses-spirits-recipes-shatterproof/dp/b00sgoc8y8/ref=sr_1_25?ie=utf8&qid=1422851650&sr=8-25&keywords=silicone+camping+glasses
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